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What Do the Military Keep in Their Gym Bags? Here’s Erik Bartell’s 6 Essentials


Erik Bartell is a navy veteran, entrepreneur, and health coach who has turned his ardour for coaching right into a occupation. You may observe his coaching routines on M&F’s IG TV page, in addition to examine his fascinating and galvanizing story right here.

Nevertheless, one thing we haven’t requested Bartell till now could be how the husband and father of two preps for his routines.

“This isn’t simply ‘What’s in your fitness center bag?” he says. “That is for anybody who has a house fitness center or travels a ton. So the very first thing earlier than any exercise …


Particularly in the event you’re going to business gyms or touring, a top quality set of wi-fi headphones can crate a much-needed barricade from outdoors noise. “The headphones I put on inform folks: Don’t ask me what number of reps or units I’ve left,” Bartell says. “I can even put them up actually loud and ignore something round me. As a result of let’s be actual, the most important fault I see with folks in business gyms, and the most important factor that they fall into is distractions.”


“I do know, paper is somewhat bit archaic … however it’s going to maintain your cellphone in your pocket the place we would like it,” Bartell says. “You get to the fitness center, you place in your headphones, you placed on that playlist, and you allow your cellphone away, as a result of that’s the primary distraction within the fitness center.”

From texts to emails to viewing cat vids on social media, tinkering along with your cellphone can flip a fast break into one which extends for a lot too lengthy. Keep away from the distraction by eradicating the cellphone from the equation.

Use the pocket book to “write down your exercises … and notes,” Bartell suggests. “Every part health goes on this one pocket book, and you are taking it with you each time you go to the fitness center or anytime you’ve health developing.

Courtesy of Erik Bartell

          3. A GO-TO PREWORKOUT

“I’m up day-after-day 5 a.m.,” Bartell explains. “I want vitality. I was heavy into pre-workouts. However the one concern I had with them was like, the 90 totally different elements. I didn’t know even what they had been. Once I was within the navy, I took loads of vitality drinks. I beloved the flavour. I hated how candy every thing obtained.”

Bartell’s treatment: Echelon. “It’s the most effective answer I discovered because it’s 300 milligrams of caffeine. Basically, it’s obtained every thing you really need for that preworkout drink — and not one of the different nonsense.”

And since it’s in a smaller can, it’s straightforward to chug so you possibly can down it and get into your exercise.

One other Echelon perk: “There’s no crash after my exercises,” he says.

What’s additionally cool is that whenever you assist the model, 10% of every can offered goes to the Green Beret Foundation.

“For those who’re unfamiliar with it, it helps Inexperienced Berets [and] their households that battle with something from psychological well being to scholarships.”


“It’s the choice to chalk,” says Bartell. “Most gyms don’t prefer to have chalk as a result of mud will get mud in every single place. Rep wax is sweet and clear. It’s very low profile, nobody actually notices it.”

Utility is straightforward, too: Do a fast rub on the bar and it’ll provide you with wonderful grip.


“I’ve one mini band, one mild band, one heavy band,” Bartell explains. The explanation? If he can’t make it to the fitness center, these bands can provide him with an on-the-go exercise.

“I can do every thing with these three bands. And it additionally dietary supplements my exercise amazingly magic getting again good bands, search for some YouTube movies. I’ll begin placing some extra stuff up there too. However bands are superb, and so they solely advance your exercise.


I take advantage of wipes from Bravo Sierra. Like Echelon, it’s a navy native firm,” he says.

“Particularly if I’m touring and the fitness center doesn’t have a bathe, these wipes assist me out. Or even when I’m simply going from assembly the assembly, and I simply obtained a fast exercise … and I can’t bathe. They’re tremendous robust [and] tremendous thick. And it will get my complete physique — particularly all that like sweat residue off of you and leaves you smelling such as you’re showered even in the event you didn’t have an opportunity to.”

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