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Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw Shares Biceps Training Tips on ‘FFF’


Femme Flex Friday host Alina Popa determined that this week’s episode ought to hit the street. Nicely, the 2018 Rising Phoenix World Champion opted to hit the health club as a substitute. She was joined by one other champion bodybuilder, 2020 Ms. Olympia winner Andrea Shaw. Shaw was type sufficient to share just a few training tips for viewers that would profit from some tips of the commerce from the No. 1 feminine bodybuilder on the planet.

Biceps – Isolation Preacher Curl

Shaw makes use of dumbbells and focuses on working one arm at a time when she begins her biceps routine. Her suggestion to this train is to not shortchange the vary of movement for the sake of utilizing extra weight. “The important thing to the motion is to completely lengthen the arm earlier than elevating it again up.” Shaw prefers to carry out 15-20 repetitions with this train.

Focus Curl

The champ sticks with the dumbbells and dealing either side independently on the subsequent motion, the focus curl. This basic train helps make her biceps extra spherical and full. “The change of the arm being on the facet now helps add the 3D impact to how the muscular tissues had been developed.” Shaw opts for 6-8 units of 15-20 reps with this train.

Hammer Curls

The third motion for the biceps is hammer curls. Ms. Olympia might be seen utilizing each arms concurrently within the video for this one. What she gained’t be seen doing is producing momentum. “There isn’t a rocking. So don’t use any momentum to get the load up. You wish to ensure that it’s a gradual and managed motion, stopping at roughly 90 levels, after which reducing again down.” Her units and reps are the identical right here as within the earlier train.

Cable Biceps Curls

“I prefer to finish with cables as a result of there’s a totally different sort of pressure from begin to end that’s utilized to the biceps.” Shaw makes use of the advantages of cables to conclude her biceps routine. One additional trick she makes use of is to not let the pinned weight contact the stack on the backside. This helps maximize the strain.

Shaw talks with Popa about traps coaching in addition to what she does for her calves. Be taught and apply her hacks by catching the complete episode of FFF. This and each episode can be found each Friday at 6 p.m. EST over at .

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