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Experts Explain What Causes Dark Circles + How To Deal


Darkish circles seem as discoloration under the attention. “This may both be as a result of hyperpigmentation of the pores and skin, or skinny pores and skin that enables blood vessels and underlying tissue to indicate via,” explains board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Marcus, M.D., FAAD

This discoloration is starkly completely different from eye luggage when it comes to trigger and look. Eye luggage are constant outpourings of tissue under the attention which are, “Normally brought on by fats herniation because the tissue turns into much less agency with age,” Marcus says. 

Darkish circles are additionally completely different from common eye puffiness. “Puffy eyes normally refers to swelling across the whole eye, which can be a results of an allergy, dietary components (salt, alcohol), sickness, or different sources of irritation,” Marcus says. A few of these identical components can result in darkish circles, too—extra on that under.

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