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Are You Using Too Much Niacinamide? Here’s How To Tell


Let me simply say: Niacinamide itself is not identified to be irritating; actually, most individuals discover it very tolerable, versus potent acids or retinol. Relatively, it is niacinamide overload that may pose issues, as you don’t want a super-high focus to reap its benefits. “Most niacinamide research use 2% to five% of the ingredient,” beauty chemists Victoria Fu and Gloria Lu beforehand wrote for mbg. “There is not any cause to assume 30% niacinamide is six instances as efficient as 5% niacinamide. You are extra more likely to irritate your pores and skin with ultra-high concentrations than the rest.” Whereas the B vitamin is beloved for strengthening the pores and skin barrier, an excessive amount of of it may possibly really result in sensitivity, pores and skin irritation, and redness—however for those who stick with a 2 to five% focus, try to be set. 

Right here’s the place issues get tough: Niacinamide has shortly change into the crown jewel of skincare, given its bundle of advantages (moisture! Oil management! Brightness!), and types are formulating with it at breakneck pace. “You possibly can be getting increased percentages of niacinamide than you assume you’re, as a result of it’s included in a number of merchandise,” Landriscina explains. 

It’s additionally one of the crucial easy-going actives on the market—it even pairs effectively with notoriously finicky vitamin C. “So manufacturers usually throw it into merchandise as an additional,” provides Landriscina. However that “additional” hit of niacinamide can simply tip the scales from nourishing to irritating, particularly for those who’re piling on types of vitamin B3 with out even realizing it. 

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