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Omega-3s May Lower Severity & Frequency Of Migraine Headaches


To find out whether or not these pain-reducing properties may assist mitigate complications for individuals with migraine, researchers checked out 182 individuals who skilled migraine complications wherever between 5 to twenty day per 30 days. The individuals have been randomly assigned certainly one of three diets for 16 weeks.

The management food plan (meant to imitate the typical American food plan) contained typical ranges of omega-3s and omega-6 fatty acids; one other raised omega-3 consumption with out altering omega-6s; the ultimate food plan raised omega-3s and lowered omega-6s. 

Over the course of the 16 weeks, individuals documented headache frequency and the way the complications impacted their high quality of life. On the finish of the trial, the 2 teams that raised their omega-3 consumption reported considerably decrease headache frequency (2 to 4 complications per 30 days, respectively). Once they did expertise complications, they have been shorter and fewer extreme in comparison with the management group. 

“Whereas the diets didn’t considerably enhance high quality of life, they produced giant, sturdy reductions in frequency and severity of complications relative to the management food plan,” the research authors write. “This research offers a biologically believable demonstration that ache could be handled by focused dietary alterations in people.” 

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