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How B Vitamins Support The Brain (In More Ways Than One)


The 2 flavoprotein coenzymes derived from riboflavin—FMN and FAD—are very important to delivering sufficient oxygen to the mind so it could actually ship nerve indicators and messages to the remainder of the physique.* With out B nutritional vitamins, the mind merely wouldn’t get the oxygen and vitamins it crucially wants.* 

In an equally complete vogue, pantothenic acid, niacin, and thiamin assist general cognitive operate by selling the structural integrity and performance of brain cells.* Moreover, thiamin provides energy to nerve cells and aids within the manufacturing of myelin (aka the insulation round nerves).* 

Final however definitely not least, vitamin B6, niacin, and riboflavin provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties—all of which assist a wholesome, well-functioning mind and promote whole-body well being.* 

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