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Here’s What Your House Number Says About You, From A Numerologist


The method of determining your own home quantity numerology is basically the identical as how you discover your life path number. You merely add up the digits of your handle till you attain a single digit. For instance, if your own home quantity is 194, you’ll add 1+9+4, to get 14, after which 1+4=5. So in that case, your numerology home quantity is 5.

“The variety of your own home speaks to the vitality of the house itself. This quantity helps us perceive the persona of our house and the themes which will come up throughout our time there,” explains numerologist and creator of You Are Cosmic Code, Kaitlyn Kaerhart.

And for any condo dwellers, she provides that you’re going to need to use solely your condo quantity, versus your full avenue handle. So, if you happen to stay in condo 13B, you’ll solely use 13 (which provides you 4 in numerology).

Now, with out additional ado, this is what every of the home numbers imply in numerology.

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